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A docufilm about the Run Free project; an initiative of The National Theatre of Scotland, Manifesto Jamaica and the British Council.

Project Details

Client: British Council

Date: November 4, 2015

Online: youtu.be/YYPGejZYjEc

The "Run Free" project is the Jamaican extension of the National Theatre of Scotland’s theatre production "JUMP". "Run Free" fuses physical theatre, storytelling and the movement discipline of Parkour (a.k.a. Free Running) into a devised theatrical production. This docufilm chronicles the process and purpose of the "Run Free" experience. I produced the docufilm and have the pleasure of being one of the Project Managers responsible for designing and implementing the "Run Free" project. Art Direction for the "Run Free" logo, which was designed by Lauren Watkis, is my doing also.

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