Meet Laava

I’m a writer, producer, artivist and entrepreneur. My life & business are about engineering experiences that inspire people.

I’m a storyteller captivated by the magic in art, coincidences of culture and creating come-unity.

I was raised by a visual artist and a chemist, so creative alchemy is second nature. My memory and senses are precious to me. The evidence is my affinity for experiences that linger.

You probably came here to find out what I do. Well, I make **!t happen. I…

…Curate concerts, festivals & exhibits

…Produce stories in writing, audio and video

…Enable the development of artists & young people

…Voice ads, narrations and character vocals

…Keep it real

What I Do

Experience Engineering is the art of alchemizing time, space and feeling to create memorable moments that energize & inspire.

Laava Royal

Have a conference, concert, launch or other soirée to plan? Leave the design, procurement and logistics to me. Be it business or personal, ticketed or by invitation, a few guests or thousands…I execute experiences you’ll remember, all ways.

In the past 10 years, I’ve produced music videos that have been viewed by millions, ads that still make me smile and documentaries I can’t wait to show my grandchildren.

I bring stories to life…from concept to execution. I write scripts/treatments, cast talent, scout locations, hire crew & gear…I’m a one-stop production shop for all things video & audio. The team of creatives I work with is top notch.

If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change a culture, change the stories.

Some like-minded soul, whose name I don't know.

Words that paint pictures come naturally to my mind’s eye. I write copy for editorial articles, websites, speeches, advertisements and media releases. Need to come up with a name for something you’ve created?…call me. If you have a good story to tell the world, I’m your girl.

I collaborate with creators, entrepreneurs and disruptive innovators who harness the power of art and creativity to transform, inspire and materialize our most audacious hopes and dreams.

Laava Royal

I create and attract opportunities for young people that inspire creativity, productivity and elevated consciousness. When it comes to artists whose work I enjoy, I help them develop, package and market their creations.



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